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Rain Shoes - Why They Are Useful

Rain shoes have been around for quite some time. History tells us that they were invented around 200 years ago at the request of the Duke of Wellesley. This also explains why they are called "rubber wellies". The Duke had them made for comfort, but later they were improved for soldiers who fought wars in the rain and snow. Farmers and laborers were the next to find rain boots useful.

With waterproof boots, working in the fields when it rained or just walking in the rain was no longer an issue. No one had to worry about getting their feet wet and having to stay in an uncomfortable situation the entire day; nor did anyone have to worry about going home and bringing a big mess. This was one of the first benefits of this type of footwear. Through time the boots varied in shapes, sizes and colors. In fact shoes started off as a comfort article for our feet, but eventually they claimed aesthetics as part of their incentive as well.

Today rain boots are in style. They are offered as low cuts, knee highs and high cut. Low cuts reach the ankle,knee highs speak for themselves and high cuts reach the thigh. Besides this fashion adjustment, there is also color. The original color of rain shoes was black, but now they are offered in every color imaginable. These rain protectors come in green, red, pink, yellow or whatever color is

desired. Rain shoes can be made in a variety of materials including plastic, synthetic materials, and gore-tex. All those used are meant to make the waterproof. Some are more than others, but they all protect from the rain a lot more than our every day fabric footwear.

Rain shoes have helped reduce sicknesses due to cold and wet feet from rainy days. They help make a grey day bright knowing that today no one will get their socks wet. Add to this benefit the one of being stylish and being able to pick from a variety of beautiful designs and colors. These shoes are a pair that should not be missing from anyone's collection.