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A Pleasant Attitude Will Come With Designer Bags

If you give your teenager daughters designer bags for either their birthday or a special gift giving holiday, then you expect them to treat you with respect since they have what they want. Let them know that any sign of a bad attitude you will take it away and won't let them have it back until they get a better attitude.

Your daughter may have begged you for a designer bag ever since she saw her friends with them. As she would have called it, it is the style now. As she shows her mom what they look like online, her mom may be more concerned about the price because they might not be able to afford to get her anything big this year. It might end of being one of those wait and see type of deals.

Your daughter may have thought of something different when she was looking online for it because the thing that arrived on their doorstep was not at all what she wanted. She may have been searching for the wrong thing all along or she may have thought she wanted one but when she opened the box, their was nothing but disappointment all over her face.

That could make any parent really upset when you spent all of that money just for her and now she won't even use it. You might feel like you have to yell and scream to get through to her but that will not solve anyone's problems. Instead of doing that, you might want to sit down and give her a long speech on how important it is to save money in their household.

What's going to worry you is that they make act like precious angels at home but then they may act horrible at school. You may start to daydream about how their new life would be. They might be rude to their friends and teachers because they have something cool and wonderful and they don't. They might even turn over a completely new leaf by acting better than everyone else.

Let her know how much one of those bags cost, and then have her pay you back with the allowance that you give her every week for doing her chores. If she saves up every last cent of that money, then she will be able to pay you back in no time. Now that you have punished her by giving her a lecture, then you can let her know that she won't be able to go out until she pays you back for that purse.

Next time you might want to try reasoning with her and set up a compromise so she will understand what you went through to get that bag. Since she never wore that one, you might not want to get her anything else unless she promises to take care of it.

This situation may only happen to teenage girls who overlook what they're trying to search for. Other teenage girls may love designer bags that are big and would wear them every day just because it looks good with what they're wearing or they could be wearing it to impress other people.